why us

About our Chinese video lessons

The Chinese course curriculum is based on the syllabus of Chinese language learning and the Chinese test HSK(Standard Chinese Test) and BCT(Business Chinese Test), which are the official and most influential Chinese tests. We have HSK courses and BCT courses for full levels. We have training courses for Chinese teacher certificate (CTCSOL) preparation and overseas Chinese teachers selection. Apart from these, you can also find various short videos to introduce Chinese culture on our website.
· Systemic course setting: for beginners to advanced level Chinese learners
· Comprehensive course content: including listening, speaking, reading and writing, to improve learners' Chinese ability in all directions.
· Various teaching formats: Video lessons, online live lessons and Chinese salon in Shanghai 
· Efficient teaching mode: video lessons for self-study, interactive exercise, combined with online interaction and Q&A, flipping the classroom
Being our membership,studying our Chinese courses, you can:
· Use Chinese for oral communication on various occasions
· Use Chinese as a working language
· Read various articles
· Understand Chinese culture
· Pass the official Chinese test, such as HSK, BCT, etc.
· Apply for Diploma Education in different professions in China

About Our Leveled reading material & Chinese vlogs

In addition to the video course, we also offer two innovative learning modules: Chinese leveled reading materials and Beihai Vlog. According to the HSK syllabus, Chinese reading materials are divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. The materials are with rich subjects: Apart from news reading, you can find Chinese and foreign stories, myths and legends, historical stories, popular science articles, beautiful essays, etc. It is suitable for all Chinese learners. Whether you are HSK learners or follow IBDP, AP, SAT, ICGSE and other systems, you can find suitable reading materials here.

Beihai Vlogs are Chinese video podcasts created by BEIHAI MANDARIN team, which are designed to introduce all aspects of China to Chinese learners all over the world. Meanwhile, they can learn some Chinese words and sentences.

Video course, extracurricular reading and extracurricular podcast are the three core parts of Chinese learning on our website.

About our teaching methods

Your Chinese learning progress is certainly guaranteed with our teaching method. With many years of teaching, editing and testing experience, our team has developed a unique and effective teaching system to help students learn Chinese in the most efficient way.
· Specially designed content with a lot of daily conversations 
· Each single lesson is designed to be student-oriented to ensure practical and fun learning
· Supporting material makes learning easier and convenient such as vocabulary/character cards online and paper-made, grammar manual, and other online learning resources.
· Video lessons are convenient for self-study, do exercises and quizzes online, and download courseware
· Test library for each level to help students consolidate their knowledge and pass the Chinese test
· Remote online learning with on-site teachers is available.
· You can come to our offline salon to interact with teachers face to face.
· We provide a large and active Chinese learning community.