I hereby affirm that:
1. I have read the SJTU 2021 Undergraduate Programs for International Students
2. All the information and materials I have provided here are true and correct. If there is any forge or false documents,I will undertake all the consequences.
3.During the period when I stay in China, I will abide by Chinesse laws and decrees,and decrees,and will not participate in any activities which may be harmful to the social order in China, or inapproproate to the capacity of a student.
4.During my study in China,I shall observe the rules and regulations of the SJTU, and will follow the University teaching programs.
5.There is no charge for pre-application;
6.After passing the preliminary examination, an application fee of RMB 800 will be submitted. If the final application is unsuccessful, the application fee of RMB 800 will be refunded.